Real Estate Leads on Twitter

If you get just a single successful real estate lead from using the Twilert monitoring tool, it pays for itself for YEARS to come

Benjamin Brown – Director of Growth, Twilert

The real estate business is huge – duh. Twitter is also huge – no brainer. The amazing thing about twitter is the breadth of discussion – from the crude and stupid to the helpful, relevant, and profitable. We’re going to look at the latter set of twitter discussions to help understand how you can leverage the tool to get real estate leads on Twitter.

Not many people think of Twitter as a lead generation source. However, when used the right way, Twitter can be a powerful lead extraction engine. Being able to analyze a home owner’s public thoughts and conversations can be very lucrative.

Search Twitter for Real Estate Leads

Your first tiptoe into twitter lead generation will come in the form of simply using the twitters search function. Just like Google, you can use the top bar of Twitter to search the billions upon billions of tweets. Unlike Google, Twitter will help you get in the heads of people who are talking to each other, not just talking into the robot library that is google search.

When you move onto using advanced search for twitter real estate leads, you’ll want to think about location, hashtags, and empathy. By empathy we mean getting into the heads of people – try to understand how they talk when they are thinking about a new home good or bad- lost a job? new job? severe home damage? Think about the REASONS people are looking to move, and build your search term around those. If you are a source of information for people early on, they will be more likely to become a client whether buying or selling.

real estate leads on twitter
real estate leads on twitter

Set up Twitter Alerts for Real Estate Leads

Traditional twitter search is burdensome and tiring – you have to manually enter and re-enter your queries each time you want updated information. Also, you can’t really store the information in a useful way very easily. SO, you may spend too much time on the search and not get the results you need. Setting up SMS alerts in twitter alleviates a little bit of that pain. You can get notifications for users, terms, or hashtags sent directly to your phone from Twitter, which is one step closer to efficient, but you’ll be bombarded with text notifications and many people either block them or ignore them over time.

Monitoring Twitter for Potential Home Buyers & Sellers

Where manual twitter search and Twitter SMS alerts fail, there are professional monitoring solutions that can give real estate agents amazing data and profitable leads from Twitter. You’ll want a tool that set you up for success and automatically scour twitter 24/7.

Automating Real Estate Leads on Twitter

So, now you’re interested in getting leads and possibly market data for your real estate business. If you or your team are not using Twitter or exploring the potential as a lead generation tool, then you need to start. If you’ve started already but are wasting time with your team, then we’ve found that it is a good time to explore automation options.

Twilert is an automated real estate lead generation tool for Twitter. You will get alerts geo-targeted a specific town, city, county, or region. Our flexible tool allows you to set up hundreds of alerts for any term that is applicable to your real estate business. You can even target to specific neighborhoods and complexes and find potential leads that way.

Our team will help you get started with your real estate monitoring campaign. We offer a concierge onboarding service to help expertly set up your campaigns so that you and your team can spend more time buying, selling, or investing in the property while getting insights sent directly to your inbox on a schedule you choose.

If you’re tech-savvy and want to try out the tool yourself, we offer a free trial of our self-service tier product.

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